Working Out...Your Brain?

Ladies, we work hard at the gym to strengthen our bodies but is there a way to work out our brains too? Between jobs and responsibilities and maybe even kids, you might feel like your brain is being overworked, but this noggin exercise is an activity that will stimulate your brain while decreasing your stress. What we are talking about is meditation. Just like how yoga is a physical activity that stretches your muscle bodies, meditation is a way to decompressed stress and emotions while building your brain.

You might think this is a joke, but studies have shown that participating in mediation actually increases the grey matter in your brain. This activity promotes wellbeing by physically changing the way your brain is wired and thus your responses to your environment. Meditation promotes your brain to release more alpha waves which has been correlated to increase empathy and a positive perspective on life.

There's a reason why people having been delving into the ancient practice for hundreds of years and it's an activity that you can easily incorporate in your life. There are plenty of Youtube videos and apps out there that can assist you in guided meditation. No matter what platform you choose, or perhaps you will decided to do this solo, the key is consistency. Start with just 10 minute sessions and gradually increase if you so desire. Or you can keep your 10 minute sessions if that's what fits the best in your schedule. It's a great way to work out your brain and also to carve out a small chuck of the day to spend with yourself!

As a woman-focused gym we're here to help you achieve your fitness goals whether that is toning up, slimming down, building muscle, or just simply to move more. A safe and inclusive space, our goal is to create a nurturing environment where your needs are met so you get the best work outs of your life without sacrificing your other priorities. To learn more about you can try us for free, give us a call!

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