What is Pre-Workout?

You might have seen on the internet and possibly even your friends taking part in the new trend of taking something called "pre-workout" before going to the gym. What it essentially is, it's a blend of supplement such as creatine, caffeine, amino acids, and more that is suppose to give you an energy boost as well as maximize your workout for a particular session. It usually comes in a powdered form that you would mix with water and drink an hour to 30 minutes before your workout. Many people feel tingly especially around the extremities and it's this prickly, jittery feeling that allows them to work harder.

Nowadays, taking pre-workout before going the gym is almost standard with many groups of people. It's not uncommon to see people with two blender bottles, one with their pre-workout and another for water, entering the gym before a sweat sesh. And while popularity does not always equal efficacy, in this case it might. According to some recent studies, it has been should that pre-workout can enhance your gym performance and results. Better mood has been reported during workout as well as more positive physical changes such as increase in lean body mass. On top of that, most pre-workout are also considered safe for consumption at least in the short term (more studies will need to be done for long term effects for us to come to a conclusion).

With this information in mind, do you think you might try pre-workout? And if you do, is it a routine you enjoy? Let us know!

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