Ways for You and Your Family to Get Some Sun...Safely

While a pandemic is no reason to stop living the best life you and your family can, there are definitely some safety considerations that need to be made so that activities are done in a responsible and safe way. Luckily, we've got plenty ideas that the whole family will love and can be done while wearing a mask and social distancing! It's hard being cooped in the house especially for young children so hopefully these ideas will bring some happiness and time to decompress.

1. Sunflower Picking

Did you know that sunflower actually face the sun hence their name? Not only will you get some great outdoor time with your family but these happy flowers are sure to brighten everyone's days! There are plenty of farms in Florida although you might need to drive an hour or two depending on where you live.

2. Picnic

This activity is one where you get out what you put in. Putting in some extra effort to get a basket and a cute blanket. Pack everyone's favorite foods including drinks, snacks, entree's, fruit, and dessert! Even the furry friends can have a packed meal too. You can bring your favorite outdoor activities such as Frisbee or bring some mocktails and chat the evening away. It's a great way to enjoy great company and great weather!

We hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing during this global health crisis and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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