The Gist on Workout Supplements

From protein shakes to pre-workout powder, the supplement world surrounding fitness is vast and deep. It makes it difficult to know if the product is useful and if so, which brand to use. Within all of the confusion, there is one fact that is important to know - supplements are not FDA regulated. This means they are not tested by the FDA to ensure accuracy between the label and what's actually in the product. This means that if the packaging claims that there is 21 grams of protein there could actually only be 1 gram or 50 grams. Usually, there less of a nutrient in the product than what the packaging claims.

With this in mind, it doesn't matter how many celebrities or people rave about one brand or product when they say it's great because it contains X, Y, and Z ingredients in A, B, and C amounts. What's important is using a brand that has been third party lab tested for accuracy. A good website you can use is This independent lab is dedicated to testing supplements for the public's knowledge and consumer's safety. While they have not test all products on the market, they have a good amount on there and definitely enough for you to have options. Supplements can be a tremendous help for your fitness journey as long as it is smartly done.

We hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing during this global health crisis and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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