Reading Supplement Labels

Did you know that the FDA and USDA are not responsible for checking the accuracy of the labels found in the back of supplements? This includes everyday items such as multivitamins, melatonin, nutriceuticals, and workout supplements (BCAA's, pre-workout, etc). This means that the amount of an ingredient or active ingredient found in the actual product you consume might not be the same amount that is on the label. The actual amount can be higher or lower than what is listed on the label and the discrepancy can be anywhere from just a little bit to a few times greater or lesser than what you might expect.

How can you ensure what you are consuming is accurate to what is on the label and your expectations of what you are buying?

1. Purchase from a reputable and larger company. These companies are under constant scrutiny and pressure to deliver quality products and that means having accurate amounts in their product. Companies such as Bayer and Pfizer have been a history in the business and the resources to do more quality assurance checkpoints.

2. Look for the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) label. USP is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the quality and accuracy of pharmaceuticals. Having a USP label on your package means this organization has checked your production system and certified that what is on the label is actually in the product. It is one of the best way to have peace of mind of knowing your products are being checked out

3. Look for companies who use third party labs to test their product. It might not be USP, but having another set of eyes to verify the product before your purchase gives you the peace of mind that what you are buying did not just mindlessly pass through the production chain without a second glance.

What passes through your mouth and into your body is important so it's best to make sure the amount of an ingredient and the ingredient itself is accurate. Overall, this a player in your health as most of us have tried a nutriceutical or supplement or does take a supplement daily.

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