Pros to Procrastination - How to Love and Manage It (Part 1)

Procrastination is such a shared human experience that I think we can all label ourselves a procrastinator. The question is to what extent. Think about the most proactive person you know and I'm sure if you talk to them long enough, they will tell you a story about how they put something off for the next day, next week, or next month. With such a shared experience, how do we stop fighting the guilt of procrastination and how do we work it with so our habits work with us? As you already know, this applies beyond work, school, errands but permeates into all our habits including fitness goals.

First, let's try to understand it. First, there is the concept of temporal discounting. These are just fancy words to say the we humans appreciate the immediate reward rather than one that is further away. A study showed that if a person was offered $100 now versus $110 next month, they are more likely to choose the $100 now. However, if that same person was offered $100 in a year versus $110 in a year and a month, they are more likely to wait the extra month for the $110. When you think about it though, it's the same amount of money and the same amount of wait for the extra $10. However, when people are offered $100 right now, there is an extra draw.

It's built into our psychology to want the immediate gratification and that is why we procrastinate. That online shopping or staying in bed is more gratifying in the moment than meal prepping or that quick 20 minute workout. Now that we understand procrastination, how can we work with our minds to be more productive? That is the topic of exploration in our next article. Stay tuned.

Hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing from home and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay home and stay safe!

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