Productivity 101: Morning Owl

I will be the first to tell you how much of a night owl I am. If the world didn't operate on a nine to five, I would be going to bed at 3am and waking up at 10am every day. My prime productivity is awakened at around 11pm as if the risen moon herself is what gives me my power. However, it's not in accordance with the rest of society so I had to find a new way to harness my productivity and my periods of flow. Here's how a night owl turned into a morning bird...just still an owl.

I wake up at 5:30am everyday even though I am staying at home. I do this because it's during these hours of the day that most people and children are not awake. It's a slice of the day that is purely for yourself without any obligations to anyone else. From 5:30 to about 7:30, you just spend it with a morning cup of tea/coffee and the rising sun. I usually dedicate this time to get some passion projects done; however, this is also a great opportunity to get in a morning workout. Whether it's a the studio, gym, or at home, it's the perfect time to be able to focus especially since these are less crowded times.

Our mental state is highly depending on environment. While a certain amount of discipline can change this, it's so much easier to change the environment so that it fits your goals. Most people work better with time that is undistracted and that's exactly what waking up early creates. In a future blog, we will talk about tips on how to achieve this.

We hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing during this global health crisis and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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