Power Naps for Powerful Women

Ever feeling like you're overwhelmed or just plain fatigued throughout the day? It can even happen during these times where we are spending our time at home. There are still families to take care of, work deadlines to meet, and payments to pay. While we can try to push through the day with coffee and conjuring all available will power there might be a better way.

The power nap is scientifically proven to be effective! Stop combating fatigue by avoiding sleep and give your body want it needs. However, there is a method to this madness. The key is to not exceed 30 minutes of sleep during your naps. The reason lies in manipulating the sleep phase your naps take place in. There are a total of four sleep phases. The first two are considered light sleep. The third is considered deep sleep. The fourth is called REM or rapid eye movement and this is the deepest level of sleep. The power nap keeps you at the second phase of sleep where you can rest and wake up without the feeling of drowsiness. If you sleep in the first phase, you will wake up not feeling like you have slept at all. If you sleep in the third or fourth phase, you will wake up feeling drowsy because you did not spent enough time in those phases for them to be effective.

Taking a 30 minute power nap in the second phases increases your productivity, memory, creativity, and helps you feel less tired so you can tackle your day and responsibilities! Or even just enjoy your time at home better!

Hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing from home and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay home and stay safe!

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