Logistics of Intermittent Fasting

Check out our previous blog explaining what intermittent fasting is. As a continuation, we will be discussing the logistics of incorporating this diet in your life. Research and science has proven this diet to be safe and efficacious but it has similar results as simply just eating less (we will get into this nuance later).

Most people have a hard time with fasting for so long but to combat this, it's important to consider a circadian rhythm fasting. Your circadian rhyme is your body's natural wake and sleep cycle that is governed by daylight. It's the reason why we are sleepy when it's dark and alert when it's bright. Similarly, we were evolved to eat during the day and rest during the night which is supported by science as night time eating as been associated with obesity. A circadian rhythm fasting is using your eight hour eating window when there is still daylight. Research as shown that groups who perform their diet this way had lower insulin levels, lower blood pressure, and decrease appetite.

It seems counter intuitive that a diet that involves fasting actually leads to decreased appetite but by moderating your metabolism and digestion, your body balances itself. It's important to note that during this eight hour eating window, it's still important to maintain healthy nutrition. A Mediterranean or a Japanese diet has been shown to be very effect due to their adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of diets out there and it's up to you to explore and find a diet that works best for your body. Intermittent fasting and simply eating less have the same results through research but these different approaches can work differently for you. Don't be afraid to explore but make sure you are well informed.

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