Keeping Health and Fitness in Your Holiday Routine

Along with conversations about what to cook for Thanksgiving, what to buy on Black Friday, and what aunt is coming over this season, invariably we also talk about how worried we are about not meeting out fitness goals and "slipping" during the holidays. The truth is, it happens to everyone. At the end of the day, the holidays are for family and yourself. Most of the time, that's celebrated with food that is a little more fatty and sugary than our usual diet. The most important aspect of a healthy fitness mindset during the holidays is being realistic with yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the holidays. Let yourself eat and extra slice of apple pie or even get thirds of that yummy turkey. However, keep on aspect of your fitness routine regular and be disciplined about it. This will let you feel less guilty and be able to enjoy that third helping with less remorse. This routine might be going to the gym on your regular days during your regular hours or going on consistent walks with your fur baby or eating a salad for lunch every day. Whatever it is, make sure to keep that routine. It will also make it easier to hop back on your regular schedule when the holidays are over.

We hope you and your family have a lovely and safe holidays and that our blogs can help make them even better! If you also want to pump up your fitness and health routine check out Delta Life Fitness Gyms! We are a women-focused gym that is formatted with instructor lead classes that are aimed to get your results. Visit us to see how Delta Life Fitness can be a benefit for you and your fitness journey!

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