How to Build Better Self-Esteem When Looking in the Mirror

In our previous article we discussed the science behind body image. In this article we will look at tangible steps that we can take to reestablish a healthy normal perception of what a body should look like:

1. Unfollow influencers in social media.

This one is the most obvious one. Previously we talked about how visual adaptation can condition our brains believe unrealistic standards as normal simply through exposure. While in most cases, the psychological principle is used against us, we can use this concept in our favor. By unfollowing people who display unrealistic or "perfect" images all the time and fill our feed with more down-to-earth, normal images, we can re-calibrate our brain to see true normal as acceptable.

2. Find a group of supportive friends.

Being surrounded by non-judgmental and supportive people will greatly aid in developing a stronger sense of self-confidence that will permeate into your everyday perception of yourself. People who reinforce your good qualities will help you believe in yourself and help you continue at your goals with the help of their support. It's also great to not only receive this friendship but to also deliver this kind of friendship to others, creating a supportive network.

3. Take a Photoshop, editing, or photography class.

By learning how pictures are taken and how editors and photographers find the best way to make a person look "perfect" will help you understand the unrealistic amount of effort that influencers and celebrities go through to look so "effort less". Understanding the lack of practicality might help you let go of the expectation to look like them.

Hope this was helpful to you! Delta Life Fitness wants to support your mental and physical wellbeing from home and we hope that our content has given your day just a little bit more joy. Stay home and stay safe!

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