How Bad is Stress on Your Body?

While we aren't running away from lions anymore like our ancestors, there are still constant stressors in our lives that impart the same physiological response from our bodies. However, unlike our ancestors who's bodies return to normal after escaping the lion, our bodies stay flooded with constant stress from things like deadlines, payments, children and husbands.

When you are stressed out, a hormone called cortisol is released. Normally cortisol will help you combat the stress by leaving you in a state of heightened senses and alertness but if cortisol is constantly in your body there are downsides. This includes decreased immunity, brain cell size (especially in areas of the brain associated with memory and learning), and increased susceptibility to disease and even cancer.

So how do can we de-stress? Exercise is one of them! Intense physical exercise is a great outlet for our pent up stress and feelings. By engaging in activities such as running or cycling, we can release this tension from our bodies. Exercise also releases endorphins which helps calm us down. Ever notice that you generally feel a sense of calm and relaxation after a sweat sesh? That's why!

With a pandemic happening at the moment, stress can be heightened with anxiety of what will happen next and the implications of this disease. It's important to make time for physical activity not just as a form of distraction but to physiologically calm your body down so that the realities of the world today does not cripple you. We will get through this together and the Delta Life Fitness family is behind your back. Stay home and stay safe!

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