Healthify Your Turkey Scraps

It's turkey season!! With the colder winds of November, we are also welcoming warm cozy foods such as cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and, of course, a large honking turkey to feed the entire family for Thanksgiving day and several days afterwards! While many of us give ourselves a cheat day on holidays to enjoy all of our favorite foods, the days afterwards can still align with your fitness goals. By using your Thanksgiving scraps in a smart way, you will feel more accomplished and less guilty. They can also still be delicious so you have something to look forward to eating!

1. Salad and wraps

This is the easiest way to incorporate your turkey into a healthy meal and your meal prep. Simply cut up your turkey or shred it. You can even toss it in a new sauce to give it a new taste profile so you aren't eating the same flavors all week long. This method also allows you to reuse your cranberry sauce by remaking it into a salad dressing. Stuffing can be air fried to be croutons! Make sure to incorporate dark, leafy greens such as kale and spinach for maximum nutrition.

2. Soups

Have some extra squash or pumpkin? Throw it in a slow cooker with your turkey to make a delicious and nutritious soup! If you have extra rice, corn, or other foods, it's a perfect opportunity to use that up as well. Soups are also great sides for other meals so they add more dimension to meal options.

We hope you and your family have a lovely and safe holidays and that our blogs can help make them even better! If you also want to pump up your fitness and health routine check out Delta Life Fitness Gyms! We are a women-focused gym that is formatted with instructor lead classes that are aimed to get your results. Visit us to see how Delta Life Fitness can be a benefit for you and your fitness journey!

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