Getting It In

With any goal or habit, consistency is key and the best way to support your fitness goals is to have an environment that will support consistency. This means looking at parts of your life that make going to the gym difficult or challenging and reexamining if that aspect can be altered or changed to make it easier on yourself.

Time is perhaps what most people struggle with the most. Usually people think of a gym session as a full hour of high intensity training. However, this can be re-imagined. While getting in an hour would be great, you can achieve a high impact workout in as little as 30 minutes. At Delta Life Fitness, we offer 30 minute workouts that will fit in your schedule but will also make you sweat as much an hour will. Realistically, if you can fit in four 30 minute sessions into your week, that is better than just one 60 minute session. Your body will be more active as a whole and you will have achieved the consistency that is cornerstone to this entire process. Instead of worrying how you can fit working out in your schedule, we have it worked out so fitting fitness in your schedule is easy!

As a woman-focused gym we're here to help you achieve your fitness goals whether that is toning up, slimming down, building muscle, or just simply to move more. A safe and inclusive space, our goal is to create a nurturing environment where your needs are met so you get the best work outs of your life without sacrificing your other priorities. To learn more about you can try us for free, give us a call!

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