Fighting COVID-19 and a Vaccine?

As the United States surpass China in coronavirus cases, our country is becoming the next center for the virus. As cases rise, so will protect measures such as social distancing and protocol to enforce it. As hospitals scramble for more ventilators, supplies and staff, where are we in the works of finding a vaccine to prevent infection rates?

Our hopes for an effective vaccine might only live in the distant future as it will take from 8 months to 2 years for one to be released. As you can imagine, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to formulate something that is both effective and safe. This includes learning more about the virus itself and making a plan on how to stimulate the body's immune system to defeat it. After the scientific formulation of the vaccine, it needs to be tested on animals and then on people. Clinical testing takes place in three phases. The first is to test safety and uses a small group of volunteers to see if there are any side effects that should be noted. The second phase is efficacy which involves are larger group of volunteers. The last phase is expansion in which thousands of volunteers will be looked at.

As you can imagine, this process is lengthy so we can't expect a vaccine to solve our problems currently. What we can do; however, is to listen to health professions and practice social distancing. Staying at home flattens the curve and decreases the rate of transmission. The Delta Life Fitness family wants to support you and your family through these tough times so we will be focusing our blogs on things you can do at home to maintain fitness and health. You can involve the entire family to make it a bonding exercise! We will also be releasing interesting articles that will hopefully prove to be entertaining and informative. Stay safe everyone and see you at our next blog!

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