Feeding Your Belly and Your Heart

February is Heart Month and in celebration, we would like to give you some science-based nutrition tips that will feed your soul, stomach and heart!

The heart is a muscular organ that works non-stop to keep us moving, going, and functioning. It's basically performing the longest marathon any ball of cells can do and the best we can do is to nourish it so that it can continue to run steady. The good news is that the best ways to feed your heart are also the best eating habits to stay healthy in general so you are basically able to knock two birds (or a lot of birds) out with one stone! Here are three of our tips:

1. Portion size control

Overeating is so easy to do but it is also a habit that will easily overload your daily calorie and fat intake. Of course, portion control is easier thought than done but a hack that can help you is prepackaging your snacks and purchasing tuber ware, plates, and bowls that look large but have a lower volume. Trick your mind to think that you are eating more than you are actually.

2. Reduce canned food intake

The can food processing involves the use of a lot of sodium (salt). Sodium, in excess, can hold excess fluid in the blood vessels and in the body. This excess fluid puts more burden on the heart since it has to pump more volume. By decreasing canned food intake, you can prevent your heart from working harder than necessary.

3. Eat whole grains

The process of making white bread strips parts of the gain away leaving it devoid of vitamins and minerals since as vitamin B. Whole grain carbohydrates, as they may imply, have the entirety of the grain meaning you get more nutrition out of your food with these choices!

As a woman-focused gym we're here to help you achieve your fitness goals whether that is toning up, slimming down, building muscle, or just simply to move more. A safe and inclusive space, our goal is to create a nurturing environment where your needs are met so you get the best work outs of your life without sacrificing your other priorities. To learn more about you can try us for free, give us a call!

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